Ripley Hayes

Author of the DI Daniel Owen series, set in Wales

Charlie Rees has left Melin Tywyll for a new job and a new man.
Daniel and Mal have made a strange discovery.
It’s all connected.
Interwoven with a forgotten episode in Welsh history.
And the old, dark mill.

If they don’t find out how, someone’s going to get hurt.

Paul needs to work out who’s trying to kill him…if only they’d stop for long enough to let him

On paper, secret services agent Paul Qayf is trying to stop a smuggling gang operating in the Dickensian marches to the southeast of London. He’s supposed to liaise with policeman John Bean—the walking definition of his ‘opposite number’.

Londoner Paul is reckless and flamboyant, while John, new to his small town job, prefers to follow the rules and fly under the radar. As they work together to find out what’s going on in the secretive society of the marshes, mutual distrust turns to grudging respect—and growing attraction.

Except Paul hasn’t told John who the enemy is, and just how close to home they are.


Daniel and Mal need some peace to recover from the horrors of their last case. They don’t get it because a dead family need justice.

An abandoned child threatens to break Daniel’s heart. Mal’s past comes calling in the shape of an attractive young man.

Did John Edwards slaughter his wife and daughters, then kill himself? Why did the little boy survive the massacre? What are the hippies next door hiding? The only certainty is that everyone is lying.

DI Daniel Owen needs to be on top form for this one, but the last case won’t leave him alone. His boyfriend’s past won’t leave either of them alone. Daniel and Mal need to talk, because not talking will tear them apart.

Then they find the next body.

DI Daniel Owen is a small town cop, endlessly standing in for his absent boss and running things in his own quiet way. Until he’s sent to work on a case that gives him the creeps, for a man who hates him on sight.But Daniel wants to know who dumped the body, and why DCI Mal Kent is so hostile. And why is Kent always there when Daniel needs help?None of the local police want Daniel around. They don’t seem to want Mal Kent either. The stakes rise when Daniel finds the body of their best suspect, and rise again when Daniel is attacked. Unless the two men work together the murderer will go free….although working together might lead to more than solving the crime.It looks like Daniel’s quiet life is over.“A wonderful book” Justene Adamec, Queer Writers of Crime PodcastUndermined is the first book in a series featuring Daniel Owen, a DI in the fictional Clwyd Police.

It’s not a good Monday for DI Daniel Owen.
A body in a wheelie bin. Missing teenagers. His ex turning up as his new boss.
A secretive teenager, a nosy secretary, an idealistic social worker, and a dodgy fruit and veg salesman all have pieces of the jigsaw. If Daniel and Maldwyn can trust each other again, they can put the pieces together.
But time is running out, and at least one child’s life is in danger. It’s been raining for weeks, and the flood waters are rising, threatening to engulf them all.
”Fast-paced, intricate, and excellent.” Amazon reviewer.

Abergwyn seemed a lot more exciting with Lorne. And that was before the camper van convoy arrived.

Peter Tudor was coming to terms with his quiet life as a district nurse when a bunch of strangers turn up to visit his maybe-boyfriend Lorne Stewart. They bring a mysterious package, secrets and jealousy from the past, and magic that even sceptical Peter can’t ignore.

Then one of the strangers is found dead and Lorne is arrested for the murder. Peter has to play detective once more, with the help of a pack of tarot cards, Charlie the Amazing Jumping Dog, and Enzo the horse.

He might be able to solve the crime, but can he decide on his own future?

DCI Daniel Owen is barely holding things together when an old flame crashes into his life, with a dead body and enough emotional baggage to sink a ship.

Then the fires start.

Who is Jonathan Cole, and why is he living at a run down holiday park? Did he kill the park’s owner? Daniel wants to believe Jonathan is innocent, and Jonathan wants to seduce Daniel. Mal, now Superintendent Kent, wants to come home. His undercover officer has disappeared from the same holiday park, and that can’t be a coincidence, can it?

No matter where they look, Jonathan’s past is engulfing them all in flames.

I just wanted to be a caring son. So why was I relying on gin and cake to keep the boredom at bay?

Peter Tudor was an adrenaline-fuelled emergency nurse, until he decided his duty lay in caring for his disabled mother in the dull seaside village where he grew up.

Out for an early morning run, Peter stumbles over the body of a hated village resident. The police say it’s an accident. Enigmatic stranger Lorne Stewart insists it’s murder, after a ‘message’ from the dead man.

The police aren’t keen to investigate, and neither is Peter. Then an attack on his home makes it personal.

There’s more to Lorne than meets the eye, and his magic is reeling Peter in …

Her job was to look for Harry. The trouble started when she found him.

It looked like a simple task: serve divorce papers on failed businessman Harry Smith, who’s run off to rural north Wales leaving his wife with a baby and a mountain of debt. A welcome distraction from the implosion of her personal life.

But it turns out that Teema Crowe isn’t the only one looking for Harry when she — literally — trips over his body, lying face down in a pool of oil, with a knife in his back.

The police think Teema makes an excellent suspect for the murder. Her employer and her cheating ex-girlfriend know far too much about it but they aren’t telling. There’s an illegal money-lender who wants Teema silenced, and doesn’t mind hurting the people she loves, and a widow who just wants the insurance.

It’s a race against time for Teema to find out who killed Harry, before the police or the murderer find her.

Husband-hunting can be fatal…

As a favour to their friend Sasha, Daniel and Mal are looking for the husband she fled so she can get a divorce and marry again. Instead of a husband, they find a mystery that could see Daniel charged with murder.

It turns out the husband wasn’t who he said he was, and anyway he’s dead. So who is living in the former marital home, and why is Daniel attacked after they visit? Then one of the people they’ve talked to is murdered, and the body is dumped on Daniel’s doorstep. Daniel is in the wrong place at the wrong time, and the local police have him in the frame for the killing.

Sasha’s husband was keeping secrets, and someone wants those secrets buried deeper than a nuclear bunker. If Daniel an Mal insist on digging up the past, they risk being buried too.