Ripley Hayes

Author of the DI Daniel Owen series, set in Wales


Formats available: Paperback, Ebook

First published: 23/08/22

The Gunn Cases / Series number: 1

Death on the Dyfi

Austin Thomas Burton & Ripley Hayes

How far would you go to help a friend?

When his BFF Brenda is arrested for murder at a lesbian writing retreat, California writer Thomas Gunn jumps on a flight he can’t afford, and heads for rural Wales. Brenda was at daggers drawn on social media with the victim, but insists she is innocent, despite being covered in the girl’s blood.

With suspects ranging from an 83-year old writing student, a group of very earnest academics, and mysterious author The Vampyr, Brenda and Thomas set out to solve the crime. Thomas has to cope with vegetarian food, Brenda’s Irish Wolfhound and her agent’s assistant, the twinky Cedric. Brenda just has to cope with him.

The local cops are unimpressed with the duo’s crime-busting efforts, and even less impressed when another writing student is killed. But Brenda and Thomas squabble their way to a solution that the cops would never have guessed in a thousand years.

What a shame that they’re wrong. Will they realise in time to prevent another death on the Dyfi?

Formats available: Paperback, Ebook

First published: 23/08/22